YouTube Banning Anti-Vaccine Activists, Content

YouTube Banning Anti-Vaccine Activists, Content

( – Before the first video appeared on YouTube in April 2005, people with computers and internet access worldwide gained the ability to upload their own content covering a wide variety of subjects.

In fact, you can find information about nearly everything there is to know on the platform. But just because you can make a video about anything you want, doesn’t necessarily mean that YouTube will authorize your work, according to recently updated community guidelines.

On September 29, the business announced additional restrictions on sharing vaccine misinformation it deems “harmful.”

This sweeping change goes beyond the COVID-19 vaccine by targeting what Youtube officials arbitrarily deem ‘misinformation’ about all associated and potential risks regarding approved vaccinations, affecting big-named “anti-vax” influencers Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

YouTube removed over 130,000 coronavirus-related videos during the year 2020 containing what they thought was ‘medical misinformation’ for violating its policies. That was before the new policy change. The current guidelines state the organization is working with health authorities to ensure its platform contains data backed with a medical consensus as truth.

It begs the question: who is determining what is the truth and what isn’t? Many are increasingly concerned that YouTube is overstepping, censoring people whose opinions differ from those on the left and infringing on people’s right to free speech.

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