Woman Allegedly Used Child as Shield During Carjacking

Woman Allegedly Used Child as Shield During Carjacking

(LibertySociety.com) – Carjacking is a type of mugging where the vehicle is the target of theft. The thing that differentiates this type of crime from regular auto theft is the driver is in or around the car when the thief takes possession. According to a Fox News article from early 2022, authorities across several cities reported an increasing trend of carjacking incidents around 2020 and 2021. One recent slew of incidents involved a 24-year-old mom as the suspect.

On December 22, the Clarksville Police Department accused Tennessee resident Bethany Wilson of carrying out multiple carjackings while armed with a gun. According to reports, she even used her own child to shield her after allegedly firing upon a car owner and stealing a Mercedes-Benz. In all, the woman reportedly stole three vehicles at gunpoint before police apprehended her.

The Clarksville police were receiving reports all day about the perpetrator and were searching for her until well into the night. Before midnight, a tip came in telling authorities the suspect’s whereabouts. Apparently, she had checked into a Days Inn after crashing one of the stolen vehicles on the highway.

Police quickly arrived at the scene, arrested Wilson, and safely rescued her child. The suspect was charged with aggravated robbery and carjacking. Her motive so far is unknown.

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