Will Poland Become the Next “Brexit”?

Will Poland Become the Next

(LibertySociety.com) – When Poland joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, it agreed to abide by certain laws and procedures to remain a member. Even though most citizens want to stay part of the bloc, the country’s court recently ruled that its constitution disagrees with some of the laws outlined by the EU, putting its membership in jeopardy. Following the ruling, about 100,000 angry Polish citizens took to the streets because they feared the country might head toward the direction of leaving the union.

Although politician Jarosław Kaczyński denied having any intention of leaving the organization, Poles based their fears on several past conflicts between the EU and the government. EU leaders even withheld recovery funds from the union member, which Warsaw viewed as “blackmail” to comply.

Poland’s benefits of remaining in the collective arrangement include freer travel and trade for its citizens, but some believe these perks come at too high a cost. They believe the Polish constitution and sovereignty are under attack.

Those who support union membership declare they “are staying.” They believe the benefits the country enjoys are worth the cost. An exit, they fear, might lead to the establishment of “a Soviet-style justice system”, including restrictions on trade and travel that could hurt the country.

Time will tell what happens.

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