Will Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Confess the Truth About Jeffrey Epstein?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Confess the Truth About Jeffrey Epstein?

(LibertySociety.com) – In July 2019, police arrested accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and the court charged him with child sex trafficking and conspiracy. Although the man avoided a trial by allegedly killing himself shortly after his arrest, one of his reported conspirators, Ghislaine Maxwell, is now standing trial in Manhattan.

The justice system is accusing Maxwell of conspiring with and participating in Epstein’s crimes. Jury selection started on November 16, and maybe now, the public will get the full details of the crimes not only supposedly committed by the accused but by her deceased partner, as well.

The case prosecutor alleged the defendant found underage girls for Epstein to have sex with over a 10-year period. Some believe Maxwell may spill some big names throughout her trial, people also involved in the ring, giving the community answers as to why she and Epstein would commit such heinous acts. However, the socialite maintains her innocence, so it seems unlikely she’ll provide the type of closure people crave.

In addition to her sex crimes charges and playing “a critical role” in procuring victims, the defendant faces perjury charges, too. Many suspect Epstein will be featured prominently during the trial. If the jury finds her guilty, Maxwell could face up to 35 years in prison.

Opening statements begin on November 29. Will she reveal the truth?

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