Whoopi Goldberg Suggests White House Meet to Resolve Alleged “Microaggressions”

Whoopi Goldberg Suggests White House Meet to Resolve Alleged

Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Incredible Allegations

(LibertySociety.com) – On May 2, co-host of “The View” and actor Whoopi Goldberg said she believes White House staff is guilty of “microaggressions” against Vice President Kamala Harris, which needs to end. Goldberg thinks members of the Biden administration should have a big meeting to address the issue regarding her treatment since she took office.

According to the authors of the book “This Will Not Pass,” Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns claim the Veep has experienced disrespect from staffers. Those actions include staff members neglecting to stand when she enters the room. Martin said Harris had her people contact the West Wing to talk about her ill treatment.

Goldberg spoke to the journalists about their claims, adding she believes “everybody has little microaggressions.” The co-host said anyone not giving Harris the respect of her office should be given a warning and then fired upon re-offense. After all, co-host Sunny Hostin said, the staff must stick with the protocol established by tradition and history.

Burns pointed out during the interview that President Joe Biden’s inner circle is difficult to gain access to and is predominantly filled with white males. She indicated this might have something to do with the way the second-in-command is treated.

What do you think the White House should do about these claims of microaggression against Harris? Should there be an investigation followed by the firing of the guilty parties?

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