White Woman Winning Miss Universe Zimbabwe Sparks Outrage

(LibertySociety.com) – Social media exploded after a white woman was crowned as Miss Universe Zimbabwe, although she is a citizen of the African nation. Brooke Bruk-Jackson emerged victorious in the capital city of Harare on September 16, making her the first Zimbabwean woman to participate in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in 22 years.

Critics of Bruk-Jackson’s win complained that she was not representative of the majority of the Zimbabwean population, as only one percent are white. Bruk-Jackson has often spoken about race, writing on Instagram, “Together, we are aligned, a beautiful kind made by God.” In another social media post, she captioned a photo of herself in a custom-made costume, describing each part for her followers. She noted that everyone who is born on Earth came from a woman, regardless of skin color.

Other users on X, formerly Twitter, pointed out the hypocrisy of the people who were angry about Bruk-Jackson’s victory. One user posted two news headlines from Essence magazine as an example. One headline praised Pamela Uba, the first black woman to win Miss Ireland in 2021. Ireland only has just over a one percent black population.

The other focused on the controversy surrounding a white woman winning a pageant in a predominately black nation. Another user mused about the hypocrisy, asking why the left is not “celebrating diversity & equity” since Bruk-Jackson is considered a minority in Zimbabwe. Perhaps the most insightful comment about her crowning came from a user who asked why her skin color mattered as the pageant was not a competition of colors.

Bruk-Jackson will represent Zimbabwe at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in January 2024. The pageant will be held in El Salvador for the first time since 1975. El Salvadorian President Nayib Bukele made the announcement via video during the 71st Miss Universe pageant. He boasted about the amenities and scenery that the country has to offer, in addition to his successes in making El Salvador the safest nation in Latin America. History will also be made during the 2024 pageant, as the organization is doing away with age limits. Previously, no one over the age of 28 was allowed to participate in the pageant.

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