White House Says Abbott, DeSantis Should ‘Get Out of the Way’

White House Says Abbott, DeSantis Should ‘Get Out of the Way’

(LibertySociety.com) – Here in August 2021, coronavirus cases continue to spike across the United States. The numbers show Florida and Texas leading the surge, accounting for between a quarter and a third of the overall infected.

When asked on August 3rd how much Governors Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Greg Abbott (R-TX) are directly responsible for the increase, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated leaders need to choose to follow public health guidelines or “get out of the way and let other people do the job.”

While that might sound like the federal government is preparing to step in and overtake the states, Psaki quickly clarified that the administration simply wants the governors to make it possible for businesses and schools to mandate the safety measures recommended by the CDC.

But DeSantis and Abbott believe that state shutdowns and mandates do little to stop the spread, and personal responsibility for individual protection is more in line with respecting American freedoms.

Although both leaders may recognize the rising COVID-19 rates in their respective states, they think it’s “past the time of government mandates” because Floridians and Texans already know how to protect themselves. After all, if leaders allow the infringement on people’s rights to continue, they essentially strip their citizens of personal choice.

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