White House Official Says Mysterious Objects May Not Be Identified

White House Official Says Mysterious Objects May Not Be Identified

(LibertySociety.com) – After the US shot down a number of unidentified aerial objects in the course of about a week, the American public was eager for answers. Following significant pressure from both sides of the aisle, President Joe Biden stepped up on February 16 and finally delivered remarks on the issue. Now, the Biden administration is saying it may never be able to determine what the most recently downed objects are.

Calls for more transparency were ringing loud in the days before Biden’s remarks, after Senators received a classified briefing from a multitude of agencies, including the DOD, ODNI, NORAD, and USNORTHCOM regarding the events and details around the takedown of the three latest unidentified objects discovered to be flying over U.S. airspace. Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, and Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-CT, both expressed that they believed the American people needed more information regarding the situation, with Senator Blumenthal stating that investigation procedures would not be harmed by increased transparency, adding that “The American people need and deserve to know more.”

According to Fox News, Senator Rubio exclaimed “My timeline is immediate,” when asked about when Americans should be informed on the information that was discussed. He added at the time that almost all of what they were briefed on could be divulged to the public. Speculation, rumors, and frustrations were dominating the political conversations over the previous two weeks due to the minimal information that had been offered to the American people.

On February 16, Biden stated publicly that intelligence officials believe the three objects were likely owned by private entities and not tied to the Chinese balloon previously downed by US forces. However, the next day, National Security Council Coordinator Admiral John Kirby spoke at a press briefing, making it clear that he can’t promise the objects will be “definitively” identified. He noted that teams are still searching for debris, and forensics may be difficult. In addition, he said no one has stepped forward to claim ownership of the objects.

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