White House Official Held Secret Talks With Syria to Help Free Hostages

(LibertySociety.com) – President Donald Trump has made great strides in foreign policy since taking office in 2017. He’s held talks with North Korean President Kim Jong-un, brokered a peace deal between three Middle Eastern countries, and now, his administration is in talks with Syria.

According to an October 18 exclusive by The Wall Street Journal, Trump aide Kash Patel traveled to Damascus to speak to Bashar al-Assad’s officials. They reportedly met to discuss the release of American hostages.

If the report is correct, the meeting is the first time the US and Syrian governments have met in almost a decade. Relations between the two countries fell apart during the Obama Administration in 2012.

President Trump has made it a priority to reach out to nations America has had trouble with in the past in an attempt to strengthen national security. The meeting with Syria would mark a major win just two weeks out from the 2020 election.

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