White House Launching Plans for More Railroads

White House Launching Plans For More Railroads

(LibertySociety.com) – Fresh off the American Rescue Plan win, President Joe Biden is apparently ready to tackle other issues. One of his key campaign promises was an infrastructure plan. Republicans and Democrats have been talking about upgrading the country’s roads, bridges, etc., for a long time, but the parties can never agree on a bill that suits both sides. And, it looks like the president’s plan isn’t going to please many lawmakers across the aisle, especially the high-speed rail project.

High-Speed Rails

According to a March 25 report from USA Today, the Biden administration plans to meet with his economic advisers soon to finalize a (suspected) $3-trillion infrastructure package. The bill is expected to include money for high-speed rails that will span across the country. During the campaign, he said he would try to transform transportation so clean energy would power buses, trains and other vehicles.

Republicans are less than enthusiastic about the idea of such a large project. California is already pouring money into a high-speed rail project. Rep. Michelle Steel (R) has tried to stop the rail project from moving forward, calling it “the worst public investment” in the state’s history.

McConnell Issues Stark Warning

On March 16, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) brought up the possibility of an infrastructure plan from Democrats during a press conference. The senator said he’s concerned it might be a “Trojan horse” that will include all of the “taxes increases” worrying Republicans.

The minority leader also revealed he believes the Left will use budget reconciliation to pass an infrastructure plan. That will allow them to pass the bill without getting 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. Biden indicated during his first press conference Thursday that he would announce the plan next week.

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