Whistleblowers Reportedly Allege Retaliation By FBI

Report Suggests FBI Agents Faced Retaliation For Taking a Stand

(LibertySociety.com) – Two committees in the House of Representatives have committed to rooting out alleged corruption within the government, both of which are chaired by Representative Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. The Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government recently held its fourth hearing of the 118th Congress, this time receiving testimony from former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employees who blew the whistle on the agency for its increasing politicization over the last several years. Three witnesses testified during the hearing, in addition to lawmakers presenting video testimony and transcripts from interviews with other witnesses.

The committees released a joint report following the recent hearing, finding that the information they obtained from the whistleblowers shows “egregious abuse, misallocation of law enforcement resources and misconduct with the leadership ranks of the FBI.” The FBI has officially contradicted the claims made by the whistleblowers, defending the actions they took against them in a letter to members of the Judiciary Committee the day before the hearing was held on May 18th, 2023.

One whistleblower by the name of Steve Friend maintains that he was stripped of his security clearance for speaking out against the way the FBI was handling certain cases from the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. He stated that they “deviated from standard practice,” while also telling the committee about how agents would be ordered to open multiple separate cases for domestic violent extremism (DVE) when only one case was necessary, leading him to believe they were trying to falsely inflate the number of instances across the country.

Another whistleblower, Marcus Allen, claimed that he lost his security clearance for circulating news articles that contained evidence of government involvement in the January 6 riot. He also claimed that he was punished because he questioned the official narrative of the FBI. In their letter to the committee, the agency accused Friend of multiple wrongdoings, including taking data from an FBI computer and giving unauthorized media interviews. They told the committee that Allen was a security risk after expressing alternative views about the January 6 investigations.

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