Weiss Confirms Hunter’s Plea Deal is Off the Table

(LibertySociety.com) – The scandal surrounding the investigation into Hunter Biden and the business dealings of the Biden family has become messier than anyone could have imagined. Just one month ago, Republican lawmakers were crying foul at the underwhelming charges brought against Hunter Biden by U.S. Attorney David Weiss. The plea deal that he agreed to take would have given him no jail time and a two-year probation sentence that would erase a felony gun charge upon completion.

During the hearing, the judge noticed that a portion of the diversion agreement, which was separate from the plea agreement, would give the younger Biden immunity from future prosecution. The deal unraveled in court in an embarrassing moment for the Biden family and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Since then, attorneys for the prosecution and defense have attempted and failed to come to an agreement on how to proceed. Hunter Biden’s attorneys submitted a filing that accused the DOJ of going back on the deal that was crafted with Weiss. They claimed that the immunity offered to Hunter Biden was still intact, stating that “The parties have a valid and binding bilateral Diversion Agreement.”

Weiss’ team slammed Hunter Biden’s attorneys in its own filing, refuting the claim that the government had reneged on the plea agreement. They pointed out that U.S. Probation Officer Margaret Bray would not agree to approve the proposed diversion agreement and that her signature was required for the agreement to be valid. They stated that because of this, “none of its terms are binding on either party.”

Hunter Biden’s attorneys are now focusing on attempting to discredit the integrity of the DOJ by initiating smear campaigns directed at Weiss and his team. They have accused them of caving to political pressure by Republicans after two IRS whistleblowers’ testimonies about DOJ interference in the investigation became public. They included a thinly veiled threat in their filing, noting that the prosecutors in the case had taken contemporaneous notes about the scope of the immunity that the government approved.

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