Voters Believe Biden Has Benefited From Hunter’s Business Dealings

Voters Believe Biden Has Benefited From Hunter's Business Dealings

Survey SAYS – Biden Benefited From Hunter’s Business Dealings

( – Recently, Rasmussen Reports conducted a poll regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop, finding that 63% of those surveyed believe the story about his “business dealings is important.” A significant 44% of that majority think the issue is very important, whereas only 17% called the matter unimportant.

Another question in the poll asked “how likely” it was that Hunter consulted his father and if respondents thought President Joe Biden “profited” from the foreign business deals. An overwhelming 62% of the 1,000 surveyed said the possibility was likely, while 33% don’t think the POTUS was consulted.

Since before Biden was elected to the Oval Office, the scandal has surrounded his son, Hunter, and the contents of his laptop. As speculation continues as to the extent of involvement the US leader played in his son’s foreign business dealings, at least one legislator alleges the FBI of suppressing a thorough investigation into the matter.

On August 25, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA), along with Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), sent a letter to the FBI, accusing bureau officials of initiating an effort to “downplay derogatory information” about the president’s son for the purpose of halting the laptop investigation. It’s unclear where the probe stands currently.

Where do you fall in the poll? Do you think Hunter Biden’s laptop story is significant?

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