[VIDEO] Mike Tyson Comes Unglued On Airplane Passenger – Leaves Him Bloodied

[VIDEO] Mike Tyson Comes Unglued On Airplane Passenger - Leaves Him Bloodied

(LibertySociety.com) – Drama occurred on aJetBlue flight last week when former heavyweight boxing Champion Mike Tyson hit another passenger who was harassing him. TMZ said the intoxicated man wouldn’t stop bothering Tyson, and the boxer retaliated with his fists. The former heavyweight’s representative stated the bothersome passenger threw a water bottle at Tyson, which was the last straw.

Witnesses reported the boxer originally took the time to take a selfie with the obvious fan but the individual wouldn’t leave it at that. As a result, the man suffered several blows to the head, leaving him bloodied and looking bewildered.

The passenger sought medical attention and contacted the police after the incident. According to NBC, the passenger didn’t give the cops much detail about the encounter and didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation, despite the video showing many key details of the incident.

The San Francisco Police Department released both the passenger and Tyson while looking into the altercation. Aviation expert, Mike McCarron, noted if the victim “didn’t want to press charges,” the authorities’ hands are tied. JetBlue did not release a statement.

What do you think of the incident? Do you think Tyson was justified in his actions, or did he go overboard?

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