Victims of Uvalde Seek $100M in Damages Against Shooter’s Estate

Victims of Uvalde Seek $100M in Damages Against Shooter's Estate

Uvalde Victims Seek Justice From Shooter In MASSIVE Lawsuit

( – In the wake of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, four families joined forces, hired a law firm, and filed suit to the tune of over $100 million against the killer’s estate for their loved ones’ physical and emotional damages. Although most of the country’s attention has gone to the 19 children and 2 teachers murdered at Robb Elementary School, an additional 17 people were also injured during the shooting, and their lives are forever changed.

As friends and teachers were slaughtered gruesomely, those who survived bore witness to the events. Some sustained injuries that have resulted in multiple surgical procedures, not only scarring them physically, but also emotionally. For that reason, the children’s families believe the alleged shooter, Salvador Ramos should pay. Since he’s deceased, local attorney Thomas J. Henry is seeking damages from the teen’s estate on behalf of four families of children who sustained injuries, but survived that day.

The firm is not only looking at the shooter but law enforcement’s response, the method Ramos procured his weapons, and how he entered the school grounds to carry out the horrific event.

Henry and his team previously recovered a hefty settlement from another mass shooting in 2017, where the victims won over $200 million. His mission is to do his part and ensure tragedies such as these stop happening. The attorney wants children to be able to attend school without worrying whether or not they will make it home for afternoon snacks.

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