Victims of R. Kelly Testify, Revealing More Damning Details

Victims of R. Kelly Testify, Revealing More Damning Details

R. Kelly’s ACCUSERS Step Forward – Tell What Really Happened

( – More witnesses recently took the stand in Chicago against disgraced R&B singer-songwriter R. Kelly, who is on trial for allegedly fixing his 2008 child pornography trial through intimidation. The first one to take the stand testified that the criminal paid her and her parents to deceive the grand jury with lies about the abuse levied against the girl all those years ago. The second testified Kelly “sexually abused” her more than 100 times when she was 14 and he was about 30 years old.

Trial Details

In June, the court sentenced the rapper to 30 years in prison for racketeering and sex trafficking. During his trial in 2021, Kelly’s victims said he used his fame and money to sexually abuse women and minors. In all, 11 accusers stood up against the mega-star in the trial that lasted six weeks.

Rumors of his behavior spread through the music world for decades without consequences until a guilty verdict finally landed him in jail for the long haul. He plans to appeal.

In August, the prosecution brought a total of four witnesses to the stand to testify against the singer. One of the accusers, known only as “Nia,” said Kelly was a “master manipulator” who abused his fans. According to her account, she was 15 at the time of her interactions with the celebrity. Soon after they met, she claims he sexually assaulted her in a hotel room. Nia sued him a couple of years later, and he settled for a half million dollars.

Attorneys for the state originally said there was a fifth witness, but only four made it to the witness box during the trial. After the testimony, the prosecution rested, leaving the defense to take its turn at defending Kelly, who also has two co-defendants in this case: Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown. They stand accused of rigging the 2008 trial, which ended with Kelly’s acquittal of child pornography charges. Brown is facing an additional child pornography charge. All three claim their innocence, and returned to court on September 1 to continue the trial.

Next Steps

The defense will now present its case to prove Kelly did not intimidate witnesses during the 2008 proceedings. Following their arguments, both sides will deliver closing presentations to the jury in a final plea for support in their respective cases. That event is expected to occur sometime during the first week of September.

What do you think of the ongoing controversy surrounding R. Kelly? Do you believe he is innocent or guilty?

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