Venice Film Festival Proceeds Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

Venice Film Festival Proceeds Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

( – Sitting at the northernmost coast of the Adriatic Sea is the city of Venice, renowned for its waterways and romantic gondola rides. But there’s a lesser-known fact about this part of Italy, and that is its rich history in dealing with devastating plagues.

To say the residents of the floating city are no strangers to pandemics is an understatement. Interestingly, they coined the term “quarantine” in the early 1400s when they anchored merchant ships off their shores for 40 days until they were sure the crew was free of the bubonic plague.

And that wasn’t Venice’s first encounter with a pandemic, nor was it their last. The city used its cumulative knowledge of the previous 700 years to address the coronavirus, setting a standard and paving the way for art lovers to attend the annual Venice Film Festival — with restrictions.

In fact, the plague doctor’s mask filled with flowers the Venetians used for protection during the second visit from the black death in 1575 became the standard against infectious diseases. And the tradition continues to this day.

Instead of looking at their past with fear, the citizens of Venice don decorative masks to celebrate their triumph over past plagues. And, by incorporating COVID restrictions that mirror their historical preventative actions, they’re able to keep infection rates low while continuing their social norms.

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