Vegas Mass Shooting UPDATE: Hero Loses Life 5 Years Later

Mass Shooting Survivor and Hero Loses His Life to Suicide

Mass Shooting Survivor and Hero Loses His Life to Suicide

( – Seattle resident Scotty Pettersen likely saved at least a dozen people during the 2017 mass shooting at a local concert in Las Vegas. A few years later, he took his own life. In September, his parents spread their son’s ashes on one of Hawaii’s islands, commemorating a trip they all had taken together. Now, they’re searching for people that Pettersen saved from the Vegas shooting all those years ago.

The grieving couple is trying to find a “bright spot” in the tragedy that took the lives of 58 people and might have contributed to the death of their child. The Pettersens posted their plea in a Facebook group set up to connect the victims from that day and praise the heroes who were able to assist — including Scotty. So far, none of those who were helped by their son have reached out to his parents, but they’re still trying.

Pettersen was trained in emergency services, so while paramedics tended to other victims during the massacre, he got to work on others. Using the supplies in the ambulance, he started patching up as many victims as he could until they were transported to the hospital.

Scotty Pettersen’s father asked his boy to seek help in dealing with the aftermath of the event, as he was left “haunted” by the experience. Michele Pettersen is hoping to lessen the darkness from that day by finding some of the good her son left behind.

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