Van Jones: Media Only Cares About Whites Killing Blacks

( – CNN Senior Political Commentator Van Jones said the quiet part out loud during a February 17 interview on HBO’s “Real Time,” with Bill Maher. Jones, who once worked as an adviser for former President Barack Obama, told Maher that the black community always mourns the loss of every black child killed, whether it was by the hands of a white police officer or another black person. However, he made clear that “the media only cares” when a white police officer or any white person kills a black child.
Maher discussed how the leading cause of death for black men was homicide, noting that the combination of the subsequent 15 causes of death for black men is less than the top cause of death.

Maher delved further, pointing out that 18 to 25-year-old black men die from “gun homicides at a rate nearly 19 times that of white” men in the same age category. Jones agreed when Maher said that black men were killing each other, not white supremacists killing black men. Jones said that black communities hold vigils nearly every weekend, with Maher interrupting to ask if any local leaders were advocating for the tragedies to end. Jones said that local pastors often preach the message during Sunday church services and then go out in the community to talk to people, although they do not have much support.

Jones told Maher that America should be doing more to prevent white youth suicides and black youth homicides. During the same show, conservative commentator Ann Coulter claimed that the identities of the shooters at the Kansas City Chief’s victory parade were still unknown because they were not white men. Maher seemed shocked at the suggestion, but Coulter repeated the argument and brought up several other instances when the identity of a non-white perpetrator was hidden for an extended period.

Maher digressed and sarcastically remarked that Coulter must be psychic. The two adults who were charged with second-degree murder were identified as black males on February 20, four days after the show. Authorities divulged that they had been in custody since the day of the shooting on February 14.

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