USDA Faces Backlash for Considering School Ban on Flavored Milk

USDA Faces Backlash After Announcing Chocolate Milk Ban

( – The latest proposal from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has created a firestorm, with teachers and parents alike voicing their disapproval. Twitter exploded after hearing the news, with people on both sides of the political spectrum complaining about the idea of children being forced to drink plain milk in schools.

Many people commenting about the matter were in support of continuing to offer children chocolate milk at schools. For instance, one Twitter user quipped that they should just “ban happiness,” while another commented on the fact that schools haven’t done anything about the processed meat they provide. According to the Wall Street Journal, critics are concerned that taking away flavored milk will discourage kids from drinking milk at all. However, supporters have voiced that the amount of sugar that children consume could be reduced if flavored milk was not offered.

Limiting the amount of sugar that is added to flavored milk is also on the table, with a second rule proposal from the USDA. This option may be a solution to the concerns of the USDA, while also providing a flavor variety for students. According to Business Insider, the proposal, which has garnered over 90,000 comments on the USDA website, was met with a response from milk processors, who pledged to offer flavored milk that would fall in line with the USDA’s regulations on added sugars.

In total, the processors that have made the commitment to tweaking the flavored milk provide the beverage to over 90% of schools in the country. One person who commented on the USDA website expressed the concern that “students will just stop drinking milk,” adding that almost all of them drink flavored milk over plain milk. If implemented, the new milk policy would not take effect until the 2024 school year.

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