US Space Force Tests Satellites in Recent War Game

US Space Force Tests Satellites in Recent War Game

( – In November, Russia tested an anti-satellite weapon on its own satellite, creating not only orbital debris that could affect other space objects, but raising alarms for the United States. To ensure America is prepared to deal with threats in space, the US Space Force is conducting simulations to check satellite resiliency.

The tests included the defense of a missile attack, jamming resistance, and other tactics that have the potential to shut down essential US satellites. Resiliency would be crucial in the event of an attack from countries with capabilities similar to the Kremlin or China.

Following the recent space move by Russia, US officials felt an urgency to speed up defense capabilities and protect vital communications, GPS tracking, and timing abilities the military would need during wartime.

The space war game lasts 10 days and will use state-of-the-art technology to defend against a simulated attack from an aggressive nation with similar technology. The Department of Defense hopes to convince the Biden administration to allow room in the budget for necessary preparations in this area.

Military analysts will likely learn where the systems are lacking following the simulation. They can then work to improve space defenses critical to the safety of American citizens.

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