US Prepares for 20 Million Air Travelers This Thanksgiving

US Prepares for 20 Million Air Travelers This Thanksgiving

( – After nearly two long years dealing with a global pandemic riddled with lockdowns and restrictions, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. This Thanksgiving, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) expects to see about 20 million people traveling by air for a much-needed holiday break. Considering the rough road the US has been on, this report may indicate Americans and the world will soon close one chapter on the coronavirus nightmare.

Oakland International reports it might have twice as many travelers from November 24 through November 28, and they welcome the change. However, they mentioned travel might be a bit different than many remember experiencing before 2020, with health and safety protocols in place.

With so many traveling to see loved ones for Thanksgiving, those planning to board flights should expect longer wait times. Officials encourage people to arrive early for flights. Doing so will give passengers enough time to find parking, check-in for their flights, and pass through security.

Airlines aren’t the only ones expecting more travel. AAA estimates over 53 million US citizens will travel for their holiday celebrations. Considering the 20 million people in the air, that leaves about 23 million people on the road.

While this is a welcome change and may be a sign of a brighter tomorrow, be sure to have patience and be safe as you make your way to visit the people you care about the most.

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