US Navy Tests Laser Weapon in Gulf of Aden

US Navy Tests Laser Weapon in Gulf of Aden

( – On December 15, the US Navy announced that it had tested a laser weapon in the Gulf of Aden to destroy a floating target. The body of water is located in the Middle East, on the southern coast of Yemen, home to a 7-year civil war that has killed about 110,000 people so far.

Recently, Yemen Houthi rebels used drone boats to stealthily deliver bombs to their intended targets in the Red Sea. Fortunately, the Navy’s 5th Fleet has the capability to counteract such aggressive moves.

The Yemen Houthi rebels, a group President Joe Biden delisted as a terrorist organization in February, used remote technology to steer their bomb-laden drone boats. Some experts believe Iran assisted the extremists in developing the explosive delivery system. However, the Navy “successfully engaged” its target, demonstrating that the organization’s tactics are no match for the United States. The Navy first used the USS Portland’s Laser Weapon System Demonstrator to destroy a flying drone in May 2020.

Last February, the president announced the US withdrawal of support for any Saudi-led offensive operations against the extremist group. However, the State Department made it clear the US would still help defend the country’s territory.

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