US Navy Shoots down ICBM Defense System in Hawaii (REPORT)

US Navy Shoots down ICBM Defense System in Hawaii (REPORT)

( – When President Donald Trump ran for office, he promised the American people he was going to rebuild the military. That’s exactly what he’s done throughout his presidency. Most recently, the Navy did something incredible.

On Monday, November 16, the US Navy tested the American missile defense system. According to a press release by the DOD Missile Defense Agency (MDA), sailors on the USS John Finn “intercepted and destroyed” an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) for the first time.

The test missile was fired from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean, and the Navy intercepted it in Hawaii.

The military proved that should North Korea or another adversary of the US fire a missile at the US, the defense system is strong enough to protect the country and its allies. MDA Vice Admiral Jon Hill called it an “incredible accomplishment and critical milestone” for the country.

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