US Media Entrepreneur’s Offices Tagged With Antisemitic Graffiti

( – Following the deadly attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists, antisemitic attacks have spiked across the globe. Synagogues have been targeted with phony bomb threats and swatting, which has increased fear among the Jewish community.

“Swatting” is the practice of making a false report to police that someone may be in danger in order to send a SWAT tactical team to their house. This often results in accidental shootings from malicious false reports.

Jewish elementary schools in London were vandalized with red paint. Aggressive protestors outside of two synagogues in Northern Africa had to be dispersed by police. Student groups at various colleges across the United States have publicly blamed Israel for the attack, sparking outrage from alumni and CEOs of large corporations.

Now, Bari Weiss, the founder of The Free Press, reported an act of antisemitic vandalism at one of her news offices. Weiss did not state whether it was her Los Angeles or New York City office, but the words “F—k Jews” and “F—k Israel” were written in graffiti on the outside of the building. Weiss posted a photo of the vandalism on X, formerly Twitter, writing that the crime had taken place sometime during the previous week. Weiss wrote that she would not be intimidated by antisemites. The vandalism occurred just days after Weiss appeared on Fox News and called the Hamas attack “the biggest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust.”

Weiss’s main focus since the attack has been on the Jewish people who survived the attack. She aims to let the world know the reality of what has happened and make clear that this is bigger than the typical skirmishes that occur in Israel.

Weiss is no stranger to being attacked for the content she chooses to write about. In 2020, she resigned from the New York Times due to the publication’s intolerance of opposing views. Weiss wrote a lengthy resignation letter, blasting the Times for workplace harassment and bullying. She was also tasked by Elon Musk to investigate and report on a portion of the Twitter files, exposing how the previous management censored and shadow-banned users who expressed views not aligned with the official prescribed narrative.

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