US Lifting Travel Bans on Vaccinated Foreign Visitors

US Lifting Travel Bans on Vaccinated Foreign Visitors

( – After a long year of battling the coronavirus pandemic and being one of the slowest countries to roll back some of the strictest travel bans worldwide, the Biden Administration recently updated their strategies to allow foreign travelers into the country on the condition that they provide proof of vaccination.

White House coronavirus response coordinator, Jeff Zients, revealed the plan for ensuring safe international travel to the states. The upcoming restrictions include proof of full vaccination, contact information for exposure tracing, and a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of boarding a flight to the United States.

Not only do airlines expect this move to bump up international travel just in time for the holiday season, but lifting the ban gets the world one step closer to life before the pandemic. Finally, friends and family from Europe will be able to visit loved ones in the U.S.

Before the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed the coronavirus a pandemic, former President Donald Trump imposed international travel restrictions on nonresidents to curtail the spread. Starting in March 2020, that ban extended to American allied countries in Europe as well. But in November 2021, those across the pond will once again be able to hop on a plane and explore this great nation — as long as they follow the new rules.

With vaccination plans well underway in the U.S. and abroad, safely lifting travel restrictions is a logical move that should boost the economy on several fronts by helping citizens and businesses in multiple countries move past the lingering pandemic response.

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