Upcoming Rallies Featuring Ron DeSantis Won’t Allow Attendees To Carry Guns – Here’s Why

Upcoming Rallies Featuring Ron DeSantis Won't Allow Attendees To Carry Guns - Here's Why

DeSantis SURPRISINGLY Takes Part In Event With Firearm Restrictions – Here’s Why! 

(LibertySociety.com) – Turning Point Action is hosting a series of Unite & Win rallies across the country, featuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and others, making it clear on its website that those running the event will not allow weapons of any kind. The leader in the Sunshine State has been vocal about his stance on Americans retaining their right to bear arms, so some may be confused as to why there is a ban on firearms for attendees.

Although DeSantis may hold certain political opinions on the matter, he is still subject to the rules and regulations as established by private organizations, especially when taking part in an event that will count on increased security already. Reports noted enforcement will be strict, likening it to an “airport-like screening.” All rally-goers must have tickets and identification, but especially be free from intoxication upon entry. The organization also announced there will be “video and audio surveillance.” Surprisingly, no signs or banners are allowed either, along with a host of other restrictions.

In 2020, Turning Point USA was accused of mocking gun-free zones, saying the practice doesn’t keep people safe. Despite the company’s viewpoint on the matter, disallowing guns and ammunition, along with alcohol, drugs, animals, and backpacks, is standard practice for large events like concerts and sports games. It’s for the safety of all involved, from the crowd to the speakers, especially as the event will count with vast amounts of security details. When private organizations rent out spaces that are either owned by the local government or owned by other private companies, they are subject to the rules established at these locations, as well.

Do you think attendees should be allowed to bring weapons inside, or do you feel a ban is reasonable?

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