University Football Coach Suddenly Passes Away

College Football Coach Suddenly Dies

( – On December 10, Mississippi State University (MSU) football coach Mike Leach was helping his team prepare for an upcoming Bowl. The next day, he went to the hospital for a “personal health issue,” according to a statement from the university, but his condition continued to decline.

On December 13, the university released a statement announcing Leach had passed away following medical complications of a cardiac nature. Officials from the school called him one of America’s “true coaching legends” and said he will be missed. The coach led the Bulldogs for nearly three seasons. MSU Interim Athletics Director Bracky Brett said the man was an “icon” and a great person, according to the statement.

Leach’s stint at MSU was just the last leg of his coaching journey. He had assisted coaches in Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kentucky, before moving to Texas Tech University more than 20 years ago to start his head-coaching career. After years in The Lone Star State, the leader spent time with the Washington State Cougars before settling into his position in Mississippi.

Following his death, the Leach family announced he donated his organs to help others as his “final act of charity,” according to Fox News. The coach leaves behind a football legacy, a wife, and four children.

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