U.S. College Basketball Coach Defends Israel

(LibertySociety.com) – Universities and colleges across the United States have faced scrutiny for failing to condemn activities and rhetoric from students, groups, teachers, and senior administrators. University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill resigned abruptly after her testimony to the House Education and Workforce Committee on December 5. Lawmakers grilled Magill and the presidents of Harvard University and MIT for more than five hours over the rise of antisemitism on the schools’ campuses following the deadly Hamas terrorist attack against Israel on October 7. Many were unsatisfied with the answers provided, especially from Harvard’s president Claudine Gay.

During an interview with Dan Dakich of Outkick, Alabama’s Auburn University basketball coach Bruce Pearl, who is Jewish, said that he had not noticed a rise in antisemitism on campus. Pearl explained why he believes that so many people think that Palestinians are oppressed by the Israeli government. He said that most Jewish people left the Middle East, and that “if they were living there, they’d be dead.”

Pearl noted that more than three million Arabs live in Israel amongst 9 million Jews. He provided a history lesson for people who may not understand that Israel was not created until after World War II, noting that it is incorrect to claim that they stole the land from the Palestinians. He said that Israel is the only country in the world “that is surrounded by people that want to destroy her,” balking at how so many think that it is ok to advocate for Israel’s annihilation.

Pearl weighed in on the university presidents’ testimonies in front of Congress, appearing to give them grace for not understanding the full situation.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has continued after a temporary cease-fire, where hostages were released in exchange for the freeing of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. However, Hamas murdered one hostage following the ceasefire and claimed that he was killed by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Meanwhile, the terrorist group Hezbollah has launched attacks against Israel in recent days.

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