Two Policemen Die in Welfare Check Gone Wrong

Police Officers Killed in Welfare Check Gone Wrong

( – Police are there to serve and protect the public by catching the bad guys and putting them behind bars. But that’s not all they do. When called, cops also perform welfare checks when a person’s safety or health is in question.

On December 14, Officers Steven Robin and Branden Estorffe from the Bay St. Louis Police Department in Mississippi answered such a call at a Motel 6, and soon lost their lives. A woman, Amy Anderson and a minor child were in a car in the parking lot during the wee hours of the morning when police arrived. A conversation ensued, reportedly leading to the suspect pulling out a gun, shooting the officers, and being killed with return fire. The child was reportedly unharmed.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves released a statement about the incident.

According to police, Anderson checked into the motel just a couple of hours before the incident occurred. Apparently, the clerk at the front desk called authorities upon the woman’s request. She suspected someone was following her and was concerned for her safety.

The conversation between the officers and the suspect prompted Officer Estorffe to call child protective services for assistance. As he was making the call, the woman allegedly fired upon both officers, leading to a battle between them. One officer died at the scene, while the other one passed away from his injuries at a nearby hospital.

According to a statement, Commissioner Sean Tindell called the situation “tragic” and said he believes the slain officers may have saved other lives.

The investigation is ongoing.

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