Twitter Suspends Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton

Twitter Suspends Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton

( – Twitter is continuing its purge of Conservative voices on social media. Not only has the company kicked President Donald Trump off of its platform, but it’s targeting many of his supporters as well. This time, they got the president of a prominent conservative watchdog.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton announced Twitter has suspended his account for at least seven days. The social media giant alleged he violated its terms of service for posting “#Hydroxychloroquine is a safe drug.” He said he has appealed the ruling but believes it’s just an attempt by the website to silence “another leading conservative voice.” Fitton made the statement on Parler before Amazon forced the website offline.

Conservative Matt Walsh, another prominent voice on the Right, said he saw a massive drop in the number of people following him.

It’s time for Congress to put an end to this madness and ensure private businesses don’t target anyone unfairly. The Constitution makes it very clear that everyone deserves equal treatment, and social media companies are failing to live up to that standard.

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