Twitter SHAKEUP – Will You Pay Extra For What Used To Be Free?

Twitter Enacts Musk's $8/mo Blue Check Policy

Twitter Enacts Musk’s $8/mo Blue Check Policy

( – On November 5, billionaire Elon Musk launched a new Twitter subscription service, allowing anyone who pays $8 per month to receive a blue “verified” checkmark on their account. The blue tag was previously reserved for certain users who went through a verification process. Musk overhauled the verification plan because he felt the process emulated more of a “lords and peasants” system than anything else.

Subscribers will also receive priority status when tweeting, commenting, and will appear near the top of search results. They will also be able to “post longer videos.”

Some have expressed concern about the service, saying it will now be difficult to tell which accounts are “authentic.” That problem was highlighted when many people, including comedian Kathy Griffin and actor Valerie Bertinelli, impersonated Elon Musk on the platform. Soon after the stunts, the real Musk said any such “parody” accounts not clearly labeled would face permanent suspension. The action put a spotlight on potential issues with the new system.

Users who previously earned a verification check mark will have to start paying the subscription fee to keep the privilege. Many celebrities spoke out about the move. It’s unclear how many will leave Twitter now that the new policy is in effect.

What do you think of Twitter’s new subscription service?

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