Tucker Carlson Leaks Surface After Fox News Departure

Tucker Carlson Leaks Surface After Fox News Departure

(LibertySociety.com) – Many Americans are still shocked that Tucker Carlson no longer works for Fox News, just two weeks after he parted ways with the network. Now, he is embroiled in more controversy after a series of leaks have emerged from behind the scenes, showing Carlson making a number of inappropriate comments. In a tweet thread, Matthew Gertz from Media Matters shared several clips of Carlson prepping for his show, cracking jokes, and using expletives. In one clip, he expressed his negative opinion about Media Matters.

In his final tweet in the thread, Gertz tells his followers that it is possible that “misogynistic comments” by Carlson could be the reason he is no longer with Fox. However, some responders defended Carlson and retweeted their own opinions. Conservative commentator Benny Johnson said, “Is this supposed to make him look bad?” Tucker Carlson Tonight was the most-watched news show during primetime.

Two days after the announcement, Carlson posted a video on Twitter, expressing his thoughts about the current situation unfolding in America, stating that “True things prevail.” The video has been viewed over 80 million times, expanding his reach well beyond Fox News. He also changed his bio on his Twitter profile to contain his website, which prompts viewers to send a text message to subscribe and find out what he will be doing next. According to a report from AP News, Fox lost over 56 percent of its viewers during Carlson’s timeslot, which equates to around 1.7 million people choosing not to watch.

Prominent politicians have weighed in on the matter, with former President Donald Trump in disbelief about the decision, while President Joe Biden and the Democrats have taken hits at the commentator, celebrating his departure. Thus far, no announcements have been made about what he may be doing next.

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