Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence With New Episode Drop

Tucker Carlson Breaks Silence With New Episode Drop

(LibertySociety.com) – Former Fox News host of the most popular program on the network, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has officially launched his new show on Twitter, taking a different approach to sharing news. Carlson previously announced the new Twitter show, touting it as a place where he would be free to say what he wanted to say, and the first episode dropped on June 6. Despite his average of three million viewers per night on Fox, Carlson is reaching millions more people on Twitter. By noon the following day, his premier episode, which lasted a little over ten minutes, was viewed over 71 million times. As of June 9, it had over 111 million views.

Carlson began the episode by speaking about the destruction of a dam in a Russian-controlled area of Ukraine, offering his opinion on who caused it. Carlson also took aim at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the episode, attacking his character.

Senator Lindsey Graham was next in line, with Carlson showing a clip of the Graham stating “And the Russians are dying. It’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” This was a clip that surfaced back in May, prompting Russia to issue an arrest warrant for the Senator. However, news outlets later reported that the video was edited and taken out of context, with Graham saying, “The Russians are dying,” during a different part of the conversation.

Carlson claimed in his video that Americans are expected to blindly support Ukraine, highlighting 2024 Presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s comments during a CNN Town Hall. He also talked about UFO revelations and concluded his first episode by expressing his belief that, so far, Twitter is the place for his show to freely report the news.

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