Trump’s Prosecutor Offered Immunity To Trump Electors

( – Now that Special Counsel Jack Smith has officially charged former President Trump with 37 felonies relating to his handling of government documents, he has shifted his focus to the 2020 presidential election interference allegedly committed by the 45th President and others. The actions in question involve the sending of a separate slate of electors to Washington D.C. to convince lawmakers and then-Vice President Mike Pence to send some of the electors back to states where irregularities were suspected to have occurred.

While then-VP Pence announced that he believed he did not have the authority to return electors to the states, effectively ending the effort to allow for state legislatures to look into the abnormalities, Attorney General Merrick Garland authorized Smith to investigate the details of how the plan was crafted, which could result in charges for participants. CNN reported on June 23 that Smith offered two of the purported “fake electors” a certain level of immunity in exchange for their testimony while calling several other witnesses to testify expeditiously.

These actions could be a signal that this portion of Smith’s investigation is also wrapping up, but it is “not clear if Trump is a target” of this part of the probe, according to CNN. The electors who were offered immunity testified about their involvement in the alternate slate of electors for the state of Nevada, while other officials involved in the matter also answered questions before a grand jury. One of the officials offered immunity also had his phone seized by the FBI nearly a year ago, months before Smith was named Special Counsel and the cases merged.

Former President Trump could also be charged by an election crimes prosecutor in Georgia who is investigating his alleged effort to be declared the winner in the state. The 45th President has maintained that he did nothing wrong when asking for irregularities to be sorted out as he believed there were enough illegal votes that could be thrown out, which would make him the rightful winner of the state of Georgia.

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