Trump’s Enduring Support in California Baffles Rivals

( – Republicans in California only have one candidate in mind for the 2024 presidential nominee, and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. Carl DeMaio, who chairs Reform California, the largest center-right organization in the state, had a lot to say about why the voters are standing solidly behind former president Trump. He said that California Republicans believe that the indictments Trump is facing prove that “the system is corrupt.” He believes that people are shocked that the “ruling party and the establishment media” have gone to such lengths to weaponize the criminal justice system against Trump.

Never-Trumpers believed that they could capture some of California’s delegates for Ron DeSantis or another candidate, but a recent rule change put a nail in that coffin. Under the new rules, the candidate who receives over 50 percent of the vote in the primary election will win all 169 delegates for the state. Trump has a commanding lead, with 55 percent of California Republicans supporting him in the primary election. A PAC supporting Florida Governor and presidential primary candidate Ron DeSantis canceled its plans to spend millions in the state after the rules changed. Instead, Win it Back PAC will focus on the early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. A win for DeSantis in those states could affect California’s primary during Super Tuesday on March 5, 2024.

Two September 26 CBS polls have DeSantis at 21 percent in Iowa and 13 percent in New Hampshire. The same poll has Trump at 51 and 50 percent, respectively. The latest national poll from the Economist/YouGov has Trump up by 39 percentage points, earning 53 percent support to DeSantis’s 14 percent. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has captured the attention of many voters since the first Republican debate. She and Senator Tim Scott surpassed DeSantis in their home state of South Carolina in a recent poll. However, Haley’s 18 percent support is no match for Trump’s 46 percent in the Palmetto State.

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