Trump Wins Man of The Decade Award At High-Profile Dinner

( – Former President Donald Trump visited the suburbs of Detroit Michigan on June 25 to speak at the Oakland County Lincoln Day dinner, where he was named Man of the Decade by the county GOP. Although Trump did not win the county in 2016 or 2020, he is looking to shift the state back to Republican leadership, as the Democratic Party has taken over. Republican state officials have not wavered in their support for the former President, believing in his leadership more than ever after he was recently federally indicted with 37 felonies.

Trump spoke to the crowd about policies that are negatively affecting Michigan, while also taking shots at Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her radical policies and deals with unfriendly foreign nations. He spent a good portion of his speech blasting the Biden administration for the problems Americans are facing in 2023, promising to fix everything once he returns to the Oval Office. Trump hopes to regain the ground that he lost in Michigan in 2020, and the new open primary in the state will offer him an advantage over other Republican candidates. Regardless of his previous loss of Michigan, he is still the clear front-runner for the primaries, holding a massive lead over every other candidate.

The 45th President has been hitting the campaign trail since his arraignment on June 13, defending his right to keep any records that he chose under the Presidential Records Act, and detailing his agenda for his second term as President. While the trial date has been set for the charges, it will likely be delayed, allowing the former President more time to make his case to the American people.

The judge presiding over the case denied Special Counsel Smith’s request to keep the witness list under seal on June 26, although he has an opportunity to resubmit his request with better details about why and how long he wishes to keep the names private.

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