Trump Wants to Restore Christian Values to America

( – Presidential front-runner Donald Trump gave a speech during the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville on Thursday, February 22. Trump called Christians the “soul of our country” and promised to defend them from federal prosecution for expressing their religious beliefs.

Trump said that leftists were eager to silence, demoralize, and keep Christians out of politics. He called himself a friend, ally, and believer before those gathered and asked for their help retaking the presidency. Trump said he fought harder than any president for Christian rights and listed several policy achievements.

Trump highlighted that his administration protected the conscience rights of medical professionals and educators to resist dogma that disagreed with their faith. He said he blocked the IRS from weaponizing the Johnson Amendment to impede the free speech rights of pastors and priests. He issued specific guidance protecting religious self-expression in schools. Trump also called attention to his judicial appointments of judges with strict constitutionalist interpretations of the law. He also mentioned his appointment of three SCOTUS judges.

Trump said that Christianity has been missing in a big way from America, which elicited loud cheers from those gathered. Trump promised to defend Christianity against persecution if he wins reelection and highlighted multiple proposals should he win in November.

Trump wants to create a new federal task force that would investigate illegal persecution of Christians under the Biden administration. He called Israel a friend and ally and suggested his administration would stand “proudly” with the Zionist state. He promised an executive order which would cut federal funding for schools that use critical race or gender ideologies in any way to indoctrinate children. He also promised to shut down the Department of Education, restoring educational administration to the states and towns where it belongs.

Trump slammed Biden’s foreign policy as well, and highlighted that it has helped facilitate Iranian-sponsored terrorism. He also promised to be a “peacemaker” and prevent another large-scale global conflict.

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