Trump Vows to Make America Respected Again

( – Many would argue that former President Donald Trump made America great again during the four years of his administration. Those same people also believe that President Joe Biden is destroying the progress that was made with Trump’s America First agenda. During each rally, Trump’s closing remarks include all the ways that he plans to return America to greatness, including making it powerful, strong, safe, and wealthy again. In a February 16 Truth Social post, Trump wrote that “the World has experienced Misery, Destruction, and Death” under Biden. He added that no one respects the United States anymore.

Trump concluded his post by declaring that “America will be respected and feared (if necessary!) again.” Trump’s resounding victory in every primary election thus far has made it clear that he will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president in the 2024 election. Recent polling has shown that Trump would prevail over Biden in a head-to-head matchup in the swing states. A Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll from January 31 also showed that Trump would still beat Biden if a third-party candidate was thrown into the mix. The possibility of that scenario is high, given that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign is working to get ballot access in every state.

Trump was also recently voted, by a wide margin, as the most respected leader in America, according to a survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports. He beat out former President Barack Obama, President Biden, Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Trump has also expressed skepticism that Biden would be the Democratic nominee, often insinuating that the Democratic Party may be planning to replace him at the last minute.

Meanwhile, after losing in her home state primary election on February 24, Haley still refused to end her Republican primary candidacy. She suffered another massive defeat in Michigan on February 27. It remains to be seen if she will press forward after the Super Tuesday elections, although her chances of beating Trump in any of those states is also very slim.

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