Trump Urges National Guard to Protect Border

( – Former President Trump has never wavered in his criticism of President Biden for undoing the Trump administration policies that secured the southern border. With each passing year, the crisis has only gotten worse, and the Biden administration’s policies have encouraged millions of illegal migrants to come into the United States. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has used state authorities and the Texas National Guard to protect the borders of the Lonestar State, but not without continuous pushback from the Biden administration. Most recently, Texas sued to stop the federal government from cutting razor wire that was installed to prevent illegal migrants from crossing into the state at certain locations.

The Biden administration sought temporary relief from the Supreme Court in January after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of Texas. The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration, but the original case is still underway. Following the ruling, Abbott vowed to continue protecting the state and began installing more razor wire. Republican governors from 25 states signed a letter in support of Abbott after he made clear that the Constitution gave him the authority to protect the state if the federal government failed to do so.

Former President Trump took it a step further in a Truth Social post on January 25. He encouraged “all willing States to deploy their guards to Texas” to deter and deport illegal migrants. He also agreed with Texas’s constitutional argument, writing that the state had “rightly invoked the Invasion Clause of the Constitution.” He also reiterated his plans to conduct mass deportations once he is back in the Oval Office. He reassured Abbott that his administration would end the crisis and secure the border. South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem told Fox News that she would load razor wire into the back of a pickup truck herself if Abbott needed more. The Department of Homeland Security has demanded access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass since Abbott cordoned off the site with fencing and razor wire to stop the large number of crossings into the park.

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