Trump to Continue Fight Against Clinton; Hints at 2024 Run

Trump to Continue Fight Against Clinton; Hints at 2024 Run

Trump Makes Announcement — Fights Against Hillary Clinton

( – Soon after a jury found Attorney Michael Sussmann, Clinton’s former campaign lawyer, not guilty of lying to the FBI, former President Donald Trump stated he wanted to “fight even harder” to help Republicans regain power in Washington, DC. He said America is being destroyed, and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should be “ashamed of herself.” Although he fell short of announcing another run for the White House, he revealed there would be an announcement after the midterms.

It’s unclear why Trump is holding off on making a formal announcement, but some suspect the reason has to do with campaign finance law. It seems he’s already low-key campaigning, but without the formal declaration, he can use the money his followers give him however he sees fit. Once he announces his decision to run, Trump will be bound by the same financial laws regarding campaign funds as every other candidate running for office.

However, his intentions are pretty clear. In late 2021, The Washington Post quoted the former US leader as saying he’s “committed and engaged in saving America.”

As for the verdict, Trump said the courts are simply not functioning the way they should. He further said if Republicans had spied on a Democrat’s campaign, they would have been put to death. The inequity and injustice he sees gives him an incentive to fight, and that seems to be exactly what he will do going forward.

Do you think Trump will run in 2024?

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