Trump Sues New York Times and Niece

Trump Sues New York Times and Niece

( – Every U.S. citizen has the fundamental right to confidentiality with the IRS when paying yearly income taxes. And that protection extends to every American, even if they hold the highest office in the land. When Mary Trump handed over former President Donald Trump’s private tax information to reporters at the New York Times in 2018, she had to expect he would defend that fact by issuing a lawsuit against her and The Times.

Trump filed a state lawsuit against his niece and three reporters from the New York Times on Sept. 21 for $100 million, alleging they conspired against him. The suit pointed out that Mary Trump could also be guilty of breaching a confidentiality agreement stemming from her grandfather’s estate settlement in 2000.

But the New York Times sees the lawsuit as a feeble attempt to silence truthful reporting, declaring the organization will fight back for their right to report the news. Mary Trump’s dismissive response was that the legal move is simply an act of desperation by a “loser.”

Although the estranged niece’s attorney Theodore Boutrous claims the lawsuit is “doomed to fail,” the former president’s attorneys disagree. Now the world will have to wait for the wheels of justice to turn before finding out which side will prevail.

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