Trump Sets Revenge Strategy Following Felony Conviction

( – The leftist media and their talking heads spend each day claiming that former President Trump will become a dictator and exact revenge on his enemies if he wins a second term in the White House. However, the 45th president has repeatedly said he had no interest in targeting his political opponents, but holding wrongdoers accountable was not out of the question. During a sit-down interview following his conviction in the New York hush money trial, Trump stated, “My revenge will be success.”

Trump criticized the people who have gone after him since 2015, especially since he announced his 2024 run. “These people are sick,” Trump stated, as he argued that anyone else in his position would not be able to handle the attacks that would undoubtedly be thrown their way. Each day before and after court proceedings, Trump expressed his belief that the charges were brought to disrupt his campaign and destroy his chances of winning. His allies have publicly drawn the same conclusion, especially regarding Judge Merchan’s bias and the Biden administration’s involvement in the case.

Trump discussed various topics during the interview, including the qualities he would look for in an attorney general. He admitted that his choices during his first term were not the greatest. He revealed that two people were on the shortlist but did not give their names. He also said that he would declassify certain files, including those involving billionaire financier and trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. He believes that transparency will help rebuild trust that has been lost over the last several years.

As expected, Trump intends to appeal his recent conviction all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. In some recent polls, Trump holds a slight edge over President Biden, notably in key swing states. Trump’s lead only increases when independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is added into the mix. Trump and Biden will participate in the first general election debate on June 27.

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