Trump Says Melania Very “Confident” as Americans Show Their Support

Trump Says Melania Very

( – Former First Lady Melania Trump never seemed as though she liked to be in the limelight all the time. She lived a relatively quiet life in the White House and has continued that trend since leaving Washington, DC. Lately, Liberals are making a lot of noise about Melania being scarce in public, but former President Donald Trump is assuring Conservatives she’s fine.

On Friday, June 25, Trump called Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” and discussed his wife. The hosts asked how Melania has been doing since she left the White House. According to the former president, she’s a “very confident person” who is “low-key.” He went on to say that when he’s out and about, his supporters aren’t just screaming for him; they also voice their support for his wife.

The former president listed some of Melania’s accomplishments while he was in office, including redesigning the Rose Garden. He said the press often snubs her, but she doesn’t care about that; she’s “absolutely okay” with it. As for the support she receives from the country’s citizens, Trump explained that he believes it’s because she enjoys helping people, and they know that about her.

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