Trump Says He’s Considering Ron DeSantis for 2024

Trump Says He's Considering Ron DeSantis for 2024

( – Former President Donald Trump has not revealed whether he will run for office again in 2024, but there’s still a lot of buzz surrounding who he may choose to be his running mate if he does. It seems he already has someone in mind.

During an interview on June 7, Fox Business‘s Stuart Varney asked if Trump would consider choosing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) to be his running mate if he decides to run again. The former president said that he “would certainly consider Ron.” He went on to say the governor is a “great guy” who he knows very well.

DeSantis won the respect of a lot of Republicans during the pandemic. He didn’t allow the leftist mob to tell him how to run his state. Florida was back to normal very quickly and didn’t fare any worse than the states like New York and California that had strict lockdowns. His decisions during that time have led to speculation he might run for president. Now, it looks like he could have more options.

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