Trump Says Biden Is Popular With World Leaders Because They’re Ripping Off America

Trump Says Biden Is Popular With World Leaders Because They're Ripping Off America

( – President Joe Biden recently attended the annual G7 Summit, and former President Donald Trump responded to remarks made by a world leader who attended the event.

Members of the G7 gushed over Biden, including French President Emmanuel Macron, who had a testy relationship with Trump. Macron said he’s happy Biden is “part of the club, and very willing to cooperate.” The comment seemed to imply the 45th president was not part of “the club.”

On June 12, Trump released a statement in response to Macron’s comment through his Save America PAC. He said that France and other countries were “ripping off” the US before, and it’s not surprising that they like Biden because he’ll allow them “to return to their old ways of ripping off our Country [sic].”

When Trump was in office, he stood up for America and said the US wouldn’t be a doormat any longer. He placed tariffs on steel and aluminum to create jobs. Additionally, Trump negotiated new trade deals.

In his statement, Trump went on to say that world leaders will “get very rich” off the US until someone stops them. He said he is for “AMERICA FIRST!” Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) agreed with the former president.

There are already reports that Biden wants to lift steel and aluminum tariffs on some European countries. Who knows how many other ways he might cave. It seems Biden is more interested in being popular than in putting America first. It’s no wonder world leaders like him.

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