Trump Rigged Nevada Loss Claims Nikki Haley

( – Former South Carolina Governor and 2024 Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley attempted to save face after she lost in the Nevada primary election to “None of These Candidates.” Nevada has chosen their presidential candidates through a caucus for many years, but the state legislature passed a new law in 2021 to require the state to hold a primary election. The state’s GOP decided to hold a caucus anyway to award delegates and passed a rule that anyone participating in the primary would not be allowed to participate in the caucus. Haley appeared on the primary ballot and former President Trump participated in the caucus. He was awarded Nevada’s 26 delegates on February 8 after receiving 99.1 percent of the vote.

During an interview the morning after she lost by 33 percentage points, Haley said that the Nevada primary was set up for a Trump victory and that she had planned all along to spend no time or money in the state. She said that her campaign was focusing on her home state of South Carolina, Michigan, and the multi-state primaries on Super Tuesday. She touted what she believed to be successes in Iowa and New Hampshire, where she lost by 31.9 and 11 percentage points, respectively. She went on to list various alleged chaotic happenings within the Republican Party, including legislative losses in Congress regarding the border and Israel and the appeals court ruling against Trump’s immunity claim.

Haley also claimed that the Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had been fired, although she is actually planning to resign. She said that “Trump’s fingerprints are on every bit of it,” arguing that Republicans could not defeat the chaos within the Democratic Party with chaos within its own Party. Haley is polling 37 percentage points behind Trump in South Carolina. The state’s primary election will be held on February 24.

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