Trump Responds to Jan 6 Hearing With 12-Page Report

Trump Responds to Jan 6 Hearing With 12-Page Report

Trump Fires Back At January 6 Committee

( – On June 13, former President Donald Trump wrote a 12-page report responding to the recent hearings presented on national television by the January 6 House Committee. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand in the country, like inflation, Trump stated Democrats are desperately trying to turn the people’s attention backward and away from the “failing nation.”

He went on to call the committee a “kangaroo court,” sticking to his belief that the 2020 general election was illegally stolen from him.

Trump said the United States is spiraling, and the Left is trying to hold onto power by painting January 6 in the wrong light. He thinks the government should work to help American families who are struggling to feed their families and fill their gas tanks while securing the border and increasing job numbers.

Trump’s document talked about his disproven claims of election fraud and ballot dumps, stating President Joe Biden couldn’t possibly have won Georgia, Arizona, or Pennsylvania. He said the leads he had in many states disappeared overnight as more votes appeared for his competitor. However, former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt explained the phenomenon as the “red mirage,” which is very common during election cycles.

Trump relayed hope in his rebuttal that “true Americans” would rise up and replace the current government during the November midterms.

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