Trump Reportedly Preparing for Big Return to Social Media

Trump Prepares for Big Return to Social Media

( – In the wake of the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill, all major social media platforms banned then-President Donald Trump. Twitter made the ban permanent, and Facebook’s decision is currently under the consideration of their independent oversight board. Now, there are rumors that the former POTUS might be starting his own social media network.

On March 24, Axios reported that Trump was in talks with upstart apps about forming his own network. The former president and his adviser, Dan Scavino, are reportedly looking at an app called FreeSpace and others.

The Axios report comes after Jason Miller, one of Trump’s advisers, told Fox News that he thinks the former president will return to social media in a few months “with his own platform.” Miller said his return would “redefine the game.”

Trump has not yet confirmed that he’s starting a social media platform. However, considering his popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising if it does happen and becomes a real competitor to Facebook and Twitter. Right now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the 45th president decides to do.

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