Trump Promises to Get Involved in 2022 Elections

Trump Promises to Get Involved in 2022 Elections

( – When it comes to running for office, an endorsement from a popular politician can help to give voters reassurances about their choice at the ballot box. Following newly elected Governor Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) win over his Democratic opponent on November 2, former President Donald Trump vowed to continue supporting Republican candidates in the 2022 elections.

In fact, Trump already offered endorsements to many on the Right who are running for seats in the coming year, and he’ll continue to do so to help them win power in the House and the Senate.

Trump believes the Democrats overplayed their hand during the Virginia governor run by bringing up his name during elections, virtually putting him on the ballot. He went on to say said he’ll support those who “fought for the election” against the alleged fraud in 2020, referring to them as good people. Many of the candidates Trump endorsed, including Youngkin, won their respective seats.

York County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Piccola believes Conservatives have a “tremendous leg up” going into 2022. Given President Joe Biden’s low approval rating and the continued backlash against overreaching government mandates, he could be right.

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